Brief info

We are at the very beginning of a project that has in fact been on my mind and running through my veins since 2008. One of the seminars in which I assisted as a therapist to learn more about how to heal our bodies and spirits, a man taught me about how to heal our planet that we’ve made sick. It became a great wake-up call and it became obvious to me that something needed to be done about it.

In my therapeutic practice, I consider the person as a whole. The idea is to understand what we are eating in order to heal the body. That is why we need to take care of the earth first. For the good of our planet and for the good of our health.

Agro-ecology and permaculture are real solutions for a shift of the paradigm. I have always admired those who fight for collective consciousness. As the humming-bird in Pierre Rabhi’s story, I have decided to do my part.

The purchase of the land was the first step; the project we wish to develop is the follow-up.

"So in the ideal of permaculture, would everyone be a farmer?"

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